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Why I decided to become a luxury minimalist

Why I became a luxury minimalist

I decided to become a luxury minimalist during the pandemic breakout. It was during quarantine 2020 when I had to have a tough conversation with myself inside of my closet. Being in the luxury vintage business for many years, I mastered the art of detachment (sometimes it was a struggle lol.)  It’s something most dealers have to learn to do or end up hoarding items and not selling.


Over the years I collected some of the most incredible rare & vintage finds. Vintage and antiquing are my favorite hobbies and finding unique items come easily to me. With that being said its truly a gift and a curse, because I will always find more items even when I do not need anymore of anything. (Pull hair and scream I don’t need it lol)


Over the summer I made the decision to break up with stock piling luxury items. I realized that I could never wear all of these things. Every time I went into my closet, I heard my beloved father’s voice when he was in my closet “What is this a store” and it was not a compliment coming from a Caribbean parent. This behavior is considered wasteful and to a certain extent I agree.

Its always I will wear this outfit for ______

Oh wait until this event __________

Stunt and slay on them at the ____________

Guess what that time will come and go and you will lose interest in wearing it. Those outfits will end up in the back of the closet never see the light of day. This has happened to most of us fashionistas.

After making the the move I sold a large portion of my luxury vintage curated collection. I was ready to move on and happy with the dealer who purchased my collection. The deal was perfect because she sold preloved luxury items to supplement her income to pay for her child’s private school. This made me feel better about letting go of my treasures.

Becoming an luxury minimalist has been one of the best decisions. I feel less weight and anxiety that I don’t have to hold onto items that no longer serve me. This was not an overnight choice. Having a plan and understanding that these items are dear to your heart will help you in this process.


Here are a few ways to start downsizing your luxury collection

Find a trusted consignment online or in person

Have an estate sale

Sell your items to your inner circle

Sell live on social media to your followers

Donate to charity to raise money for a cause

Hire a Closet Stylist Editor at Homestyle Decorators 855-533-2672


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