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What do Men think of scandalous Dressed Women?

One thing I know for certain,  is nothing like a girls nightout! You start to anticipate your girls getting  ready to dress up,  have a few drinks and listen to your favorite hits at the club. Turn up! Turn up!

You already told your man that you and the girls are going out. Then he asked who is driving? Oh “B The Body”  is picking me up. He automatically starts bashing her because of the way she dress. But you wonder why is he always bashing her. When you go out with your friend men are always checking her out.

 Do you think men are more attracted to a woman dressed provocative?


Rules for protecting your image and relationship from your overly sexy dressed friend.

  1. Set aside your feelings for your friend and let her know that it’s not a good idea to come to your home dressed like this.
  2. If she is picking you up, she should wait for you in the car.
  3. If your man speaks of your friend in a derogatory way due to her provocative style, don’t throw her under the bus by agreeing with him. Even if you have different styles. At the end of the day men views on sexy are different. As a friend unfortunately,  you can be guilty by association.
  4. Certain style of dresses can bring the wrong impression and the wrong attention.


  • Encourage her to try a new styles of dressing sexy. This will be a positive change.  


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