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Tohnistyle- Work From Home Tips

WFH- Work from home is the new normal for many. But if your not used to working from home it can be a daunting task. Especially, with kids at home and having the daily load of chores & work. Having a structural plan in action will help in combating the stress. Consider these tips to adjusting to our new norm.


One of my tips is to do quick hairstyles, I love barrettes a easy way to pull your hair together effortless.

Work Area:
Find a bright area in your home this will help in keeping your energy levels up.
If you can try to sitting near a window with a view. Add fresh flowers occasionally. To save money try cutting a few leaves outside to put in a vase. This is a great way to enhance any space.

Yes, keep the routine of dressing up and doing your makeup or beauty routine this will help with your self esteem momentum.

Add a few of the items that make you smile like a photo, décor in your favorite color and most of all soft music that makes you to feel calm.

Mini Exercise:
-Focus on stretching.
-Go for brisk walks.
-Laugh out loud for no reason it helps in energy boosting.
-Take a mental health break by resting or scroll positive media accounts.

Keep the kids occupied by giving them a workbook that is age appropriate (LIGHT ASSIGNMENTS)
Virtual school portal to work on this help them and also to have computer time about 1 hour of work.
Plan the night before prepping your lunch and the kids meals.
During your day take a break,  relax on the sofa with your kids and catchup on your kisses and hugs.





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