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Tohnistyle 6th annual Charity event hosted Homestyle Decorators first garden party home decor drive. Supporting Women In Distress.

We are excited for the future of women transitioning back into society. Tohnistyle’s annual charity event hosted Homestyle Decorators first garden party, home decor drive. Tohni hosted in her true grace. “It’s us or nothing as women, we share one womb.”

Our goals are to help women navigate back into a home with dignity. This is why we focused on home decorations. Shopping for accessories can be expensive. With inflation and other sourcing issues being a huge problem, this may cause anxiety for women that’s taking steps to become whole again. Donation of new and gently used home decoration were collected by the attendees.

Rachel Wright, Wellness Strategist and Financial Specialist opened the event with a mediation. After everyone’s participation, Wright then shared her testimony as a survivor of abuse and her passion for Women in Distress. Tohni has dedicated herself to be a voice and a service to her community.

There is power in sisterhood coming together and sharing in a safe place. The testimonies of these women that shared so many inspirational stories. Real love, tears and laughter from everyone filled the room with hope for the future.

Dr. Layla Ortega guest speaker, closed with a powerful story of how she regained her strength and life. We look forward to next year HSD garden party, home decor charity drive.

The night closed with an exercise called, I like to thank me. The trophies were metal and beautiful for each person to thank themselves for their most proud of moments.

A special thank you to everyone who donated. For more join Homestyle Decorators events, home decorating workshops subscribe to the newsletter.

To get involved in our community events, join our blog and know when events are coming. If you know someone who is being abused or need help please call for assistance. Remain anonymous and reach the organization. If you like Tohnistyle to host or book as a guest speaker. Contact Sergine at

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