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Taste of the island at Monterrey farmer’s market

Taste of the island at Monterrey farmer's market

Tohnistyle, at Monterrey Latin/ Caribbean farmer’s market located in Oakland Park, Florida. This market is a delicious taste of the islands. With air-conditioned indoor & fresh-air outdoor shopping and a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables from local farms. One of my favorite items are the coconuts and they carve it for you to drink the coconut water; SO REFRESHING AND DELICIOUS.

I love shopping for my produces at Monterrey because it feels like you are in the Islands. Staffers and customers are friendly to talk with. If you are not sure about a new fruit or vegetable, everyone will help educate you on how to eat and prepare the item.

Fun with local customer he gave me this pose with the pepper. I loved it!

A great place to bring your family, day date, or explore the tropical foods with a weekly food truck on site. At Tohnistyle we are passionate about sharing lifestyle content and encourage you to shop local. Do you need exposure for a brand? Please email us at

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Favorite Farmer's Market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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