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How to take time to re-evaluate yourself.

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to be back blogging again. Last year I went through a lot and needed to take time off. From friendships to the selling of my vintage online business; was a much needed gift to have been able to re-evaluate myself and career. To plan a new direction for my career. I took time to see to where I can utilize my talents and transition it into a career choice that I would enjoy.

With that being said I am (drumroll 🥁) going into Real Estate! I’m taking the state exam tomorrow morning. I always had a passion for Real Estate. As a family we watch Behind The Gates weekly and our boys are all into selling of the homes, design and guessing the price. It makes me so happy to have their support and my dear family & friends.

The idea of helping people find a home and incorporating my years fashion & vintage experience; will all tie in together.

After taking time for myself and reflecting on my future, I was able to discover my next career chapter and I am extremely grateful.

Spend time with yourself and take what obstacles that have come your way to help you heal and reevaluate your future goals. This time will help you return more ambitious and refreshed.

6 Great ways to refresh your time with yourself.

  • Book store
  • A walk
  • Church
  • Your favorite restaurant
  • volunteering (service)
  • A funny movie
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