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Back in Fort Lauderdale and it feels good to be back. Once we got back from Asheville, North Carolina, my main goal was to downsize my treasures of antiques and curated vintage items. Over the years, I have made amazing relationships with antique dealers and get first dibs, and letting go of some was not so hard for me, because I have learned the art of detachment from possessions. This was a lesson I learned early as a child when my mom passed away and going to estate sales. It also taught me to enjoy the essence of the past as the present; the beauty is in the now of enjoying the treasures along the way. I find pleasure in giving my pieces of found happiness to my friends and family. Also, setting aside home decor for HSD DRIVE – HOMESTYLE DECORATORS is great for young people getting started and back on track. Learn how you can support in the link.

Get the kids involved; they are computer savvy. My kids also listed the items that sold on OFFERUP, Facebook Marketplace & I donated to charity; most will give you a tax write-off. By doing this, I have cleared up my space, and I feel clarity in my home. No matter how many beautiful possessions I have, if it’s too much, then there is noise in that space that can stifle your positive bandwidth. Write down four categories of what rooms to start with and schedule it in your Google calendar. Order four large bags for these four categories. These are my favorite extra-large bags from Tohnistyle Amazon Storefront.

Letting go of your items is not so easy, but for a resort lifestyle, it’s about flow and organization of your mind, body, and soul. Start with one space in your home and edit. Turn on your music, try Tohnistyle Resort Lifestyle Spotify Playlist. Have a friend that is supportive to assist you in the process. Be gentle with yourself. During this process feel the idea of new vibration of clarity ahead. For resort home inspiration follow Homestyle Decorators and Tohnistyle on Instagram.

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