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New house rules! Safety tips for entertaining at home in the Covid-19 era.

Tips on how to entertain guest at home Covid 19 era
So, we have all been in quarantine and not visiting family and friends at their homes. Even with the green light for restaurants and businesses to reopen, getting together socially is still awkward. The words pandemic, mask, sanitizer, and social distancing have become a new daily reminder on how to stay safe outside our homes. Often times we are not thinking or sharing ideas on how to stay safe indoors at home with friends and family. Most people feel uncomfortable giving guidelines for their domicile. In the era of Covid-19, it is prudent. We have safety rules for guests stopping by to visit. Remember, we are safe if we all do our part. Follow these tips for home safety during and after the pandemic.

1. Remove shoes before entering (Unless the homeowners say it’s okay)
2. Keep a pair of slippers or socks to wear for cozy and comfort
3. Have a sanitizer area and extra masks
4. A place for guests keys, handbags and sweaters to rest
5. Quality disposable plates & silverware
6. Practice indoor social distancing
7. Wipe door handles often
8. Leave sanitizer in common areas
9. Place napkins in ready to grab without using the kitchen drawers
10. Service tech providers should have boot covers and masks (request while scheduling appointment.) 

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