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Ladies who brunch! How to stay connected with friends

Ladies are we nurturing our friendship with just a phone text or an occasional like on social media? Or barley a phone call hoping it goes to voicemail because you are so tired from work, family obligations and the then oh wait I forgot to do (you fill in the blank_______ .) So the friendship is the check on her/her chat time. Then the oh I’ll check on her another time. And guess what? Later it becomes a thought that turns into a thought again. And then you Mustard up a hey girl text to send. And let me add an emoticon with my text to soften my absence 🤗.

This is not a nurturing way to prolong a bond for a friendship. Spending quality time with friends is essential. Yes, we all are busy with life responsibilities. And as you get older the less you feel you want or need a gang of friends due to trials and tribulations of bad friends or and major fall out.

Growth is finding your tribesmen that get you and you get the; And building each other up. Friends that understand that you are a wife, mother, business owner, have a job, etc. Your tribe will understand that you are not going to be free to talk all day on the phone and they will appreciate a great ladies brunch in two weeks and then you can catch up! Friendships should be feel like balloons, light, pleasant to see and be around.


This is a great way to look forward to seeing everyone and wearing a wonderful outfit that’s been in the closet dying for you to put it on! (And you know the tag is still on it from last year girl 😬.)

Let each friend host brunch at another location every month and create a group message so your tribe will schedule it in! Themes are fun, make it what you want so everyone can look forward to seeing what you came up with.

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Women of a certain age and lifestyle are not into smoke filled clubs standing up for hours to 1 to 3 am.

Ladies Who Brunch is an expression of lifestyle.

• Hosting at your home

• Spa Day 

• Brunch

* Shopping excursion

• Lounges with djay, live music, dancing

• Happy Hour

These are fabulous ideas for a discerning woman that has the lifestyle mention above. Take time to nurture your true friends as they are valuable.

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