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What Kind Of House $500k Can Get You In Fort-Lauderdale?

I love being a Realtor, serving the Greater Fort-Lauderdale area. As I shared with you previously real estate has always been one of my passions. Scouting and shooting in different locations for TohniStyle blog around the city is so much fun! My eyes are always looking for the best restaurants, coffee shops, family friendly parks and homes.

What does $500K looks like in todays real estate market?

Fort-Lauderdale market boost a 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 bath with mostly updated living space. You can find homes in this price range with a pool. It’s important that your realtor knows exactly what you need in a home with this budget. As the demographic changes not all $500k homes are the same. Knowing where you like to live geographically will help.Realtor Home

As a blogger, exploring this beautiful city has giving me a first hand view of some of the most unique homes and wonderful neighborhoods. When the time arrives to help my clients in the home buying process, I am able too. This is a great advantage of being a lifestyle blogger.

So many homes at $500k condos, townhouses, single family homes. However, uncertain where you should start? The average homes in this price range can be 2 to 3 bedrooms depending upon the zip code. 2,500 square feet is the average homes in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Fort-Lauderdale, Florida. A half-million dollar budget will buy a modest, single-family house. If you can score a great location on a fixer-upper home east Fort-Lauderdale; now that will be a fantastic find!

(A Tip) Look for the ugliest overlooked house with great bones in your desirable choice neighborhood.) Deal seekers *Save money by finding a handyman special.

If you like to see this property below on Fort-Lauderdale Beach, contact me. See some of the properties at my real estate brokerage.

Homes and Condos 

Desirability of a location is one of the biggest factors in home prices. Budgeting for a new home that best fits your lifestyle and location are two key factors of home buying.

Contact me to start your home leasing, buying, selling, and investment needs. Ask me any questions I love to help you.

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