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Lost your sexy and want it back this summer?

How to get your sexy back

Did you lose your sexy and want it back this summer? Having a hard time getting dressed up is the norm for so many people now. Making it through 2020 has left us with heavy hearts and heavy thighs lol! Nevertheless, we made it to 2021 whew!

That deserves a big hug, oh wait (Covid era) well a pat on the back.

I found it difficult getting my sexy back and had to have a along talk with myself on the edge of the bed. Oh boy do I now understand my parents sitting on the edge of the bed before starting the day lol. With the hands on the knees postured.

I have reclaimed my sexy back! Start working on getting your sexy back this summer and the steps how I did it are below!

Here are the steps to take to get back sexy:

  1. Find a reason to get back motivated
  2. Compliment yourself on things you are currently doing
  3. Start moving light and steady walking, sports hoola-hoop
  4. Look up a healthy meal to make and record it
  5. Get dressed in that sexy outfit in the back of the closet
  6. Turn up to your favorite playlist
  7. Hug yourself and smile, say sweet words
  8. Bless your day and thank yourself daily
  9. Selfcare routine
  10. Get back out plan a dinner date, girls night out/ in
  11.  Watch a funny movie and laugh hard
  12. Donate 5 to 10 items decor, clothes, plates, etc
  13. Tap into your passion or start a hobby
  14.  Volunteer your time to service a community

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