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How to decorate when you are a renter.

Finding a rental can be a daunting task especially in the hot South Florida market. I have taken my clients to find a place they decided only for there to be a backup offer on the property. Once you have secured a place to rent and its time to move in the decision on how to decorate and what you currently own puzzle of does it work with in this space? This leave most renters with frustration. Ease into a sure decorating solution, I recommend working with an apartment decorating company to help in this process.


Now the fun part of decorating starts, with a rental its important to not over modify your place. Remember it is the landlord’s property and to contact management to get approval. If not done so, this can be a big cost to you. When you are ready to move out the rental should be returned as you received it. This will support you in receiving your deposit money back. Always take a before and after photo a keep with your lease documents.

Tips to decorating a rental:

Easy furniture that is not very heavy (Keep in mind the level of floor)

Avoid glue wallpaper

Paint easy neutral colors (Stay away from dark colors)

Add a stylish light fixture

A Lush greenery live or faux plant

Simple wall decor

Area rug

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