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Hold up! 10 must knows before moving in together

Falling in love creates a new beginning. There are steps you should prepare before  moving in together. Thinking about your future under one roof is normal. This is the next step for most couples that are looking to plan a life. Knowing your significant other living style is crucial.


Before leasing or buying a home together can spark so many ah-ha moments and it can save you some ah-ha wtf, moments too!

What are your pet-peeves and do you know his/hers? Are these deal breakers for you and why it’s important to ask key questions to compare living under one roof compatibility.

Here are 10 must knows before moving in together.

Keep in mind that habits are formed by doing something often and may not be a deal breaker for everyone. These are tips to help with a new start moving together.

  1. Kitchen habits dirty or clean? (2 dishes can be a deal breaker any OCD?)
  2. Per company over daily very social at home (Are you the opposite less social at home. Some people can be very social outdoors and prefer privacy at home.)
  3. Bed made daily, plugin scent or none. Home decorating styles modern, glam etc.
  4. Drinking from the carton (Its a hard no for me lol but lets continue)
  5. Parents over and allowed a key to your place, ex. drop-off kid(s)
  6. Laundry do he/she throw the laundry in washer or on the floor
  7. Cooking roles shared or primary (pots cleaning roles)
  8. Toilet seats up or down, personal products in/out of sight
  9. Shopping grocery store runs shared or online.
  10. Cultural differences food and refrigerator sharing, guest shoes on/off

Bonus tips*

Paying bills on time/ delayed find out patterns/ sharing banks account for bills payout?

How often Gamer, Television, Computer, Phone habits all these forms can take up a lot of time.

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