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Living in Florida the weather is always warm, hot and rainy. But on the occasional sweater weather cold season, it’s a treat to put on colder weather fashions. Winter clothing can seem unattractive after bundling up many layers trying to stay warm.

Then the kicker is the weather then warms up and only to start with the dreadful task of removing layers of clothing. This can be frustrating.

To balance staying warm and being fashionable is sweater weather style. Here is my guide to stylish sweater weather fashion.


Your Guide To Sweater Weather In Style

Check the weather forecast of the week to help plan your look accordingly

Choose thicker denim, joggers & thicker leggings

Light warm sweater

heavy scarf

Mid-long jacket that flatters your shape.

When the weather warms up you are only removing your jacket or scarf and not several layers of clothing. Easily go from day to night an effortless guide to sweater weather style.

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Sweater Weather Style

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