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make taco tuesday

Tuesday is a big deal at our house. Creating our menu is simple now. Before it was tedious and so many sides to add which can leave the kitchen a mess. I simplified the process by planning and making a menu for our tacos just like a restaurant would.  I like to add many different colors and flavors of cheeses. Getting the kids to participate helps with keeping them occupied. Create a beautiful setting by using the same colors of plates and remember to have fun and enjoy the moment with your family on Taco Tuesday!

Here are my go to for a simply stylish and delicious Taco Tuesday

  1.  Use mixed  greens
  2.  Ground turkey (or vegan)
  3.  Assorted cheeses
  4.  Hard shell & soft tacos
  5.  Sour cream
  6.  Bagel seeds
  7.  Black beans
  8.  Dual purpose food trays

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