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Why you should get rid off some of your heels

There was a point where in my life I had so many wonderful heels for every occasion. But since becoming a mother of two kids. Life shifting from being in the latest and greatest in fashionable heels. Has now become a thing of the past. I always wondered why older women never wore high heels, Oh baby now I know. Here is a tip) Want to learn a thing or two about future fashion? Just look at stylish older women or in your age demographic.



details pucci


I have come to the conclusion as a woman of a particular age all heels are not going to look great on you no matter how beautiful they are. And had become a chore in itself to put on and take off high heels.

When I was younger I never sacrificed my feet for painful heels. Never a pinch! If I sensed a tight sensation in the shoe, I would not buy it. Shoes are supposed to be comfortable. (For me for sure) I have sold a lot of my higher heels on Ebay. I replaced my high heels with kitten  heels, mules, and no higher than 3” inches.

The heels height & style should be age appropriate. If not it can make a woman look like a kid playing dress up. Posture and balance changes with maturity. Take edit of the shoes to see if it’s outdated and how does it helps your posture. And don’t forget about the arches of the heels. Is it worth the discomfort? Then this will help you with selecting the best shoes to keep, sell or donate.



I have several of the same heels in different colors. The key is comfort and being able to style the shoes with several different pieces of outfits. This will definitely help you get usage from your heels. And reduce a closet full of heels that you are not interested in wearing anymore. Comfort is sexy!

Aisle crown lime beach




TohniStyle wearing vintage

St. John pants $12

cashmere sweater Thrift $5

Terry cloth belt Thrift .50ct

Kangol beret Thrift $2.00

shoes Zara 2014 Poshmark $15

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