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Five ways lemons support health, beauty and home

Get a zest of life with a lemon a day. The benefits of using lemons are amazing. Lemons contain phytonutrients, which protect your body against numerous diseases. Adding lemons to your daily health and beauty routine  are incredible. Lemons are relatively inexpensive during harvest.
I love the smell and taste of lemons. One of my favorite things to do is boil water with the lemon peels and add a drop of pure vanilla extract. The mixture makes a beautiful aroma that dances throughout the entire space.

5 ways to use lemons

Lemons promote health & skin benefits

Here are five ways your home & body can possibly benefit from lemons

    • Lemons cleanses and detoxes
    • It’s a great source vitamin C
    • It promotes weight loss
    • Chewing on lemon peels freshens your breath
    • It helps digestion
  •  Read more benefits:
    • Great for skin exfoliation
    • It can prevent kidney stones
    • It can also help with anemia
    • Add lemons to your water for the ultimate hydration

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