Steps to let go of beautiful items in your home

Hello TS Babes, Back in Fort Lauderdale and it feels good to be back. Once we got back from Asheville, North Carolina, my main goal was to downsize my treasures of antiques and curated vintage items. Over the years, I have made amazing relationships with antique dealers and get first dibs, and letting go of […]

5 Ways To Create A Resort Feel At Home

Hey there, resort lovers! If you’re anything like me, you crave that luxurious, laid-back vibe of a resort getaway, but sometimes life’s commitments keep us anchored at home. But fear not! I’ve got you covered with five surefire ways to transform your humble abode into a haven of resort-style bliss. And hey, consider this your […]

Create room for good vibrations!

Tohni Jean Bellis Foyer Island style interiors

The weather has been a bit erratic lately, and I am ready for spring and good vibrations. Creating pockets of joy is crucial for productivity. Finding what sparks joy for you is a good start to shift your mood. I enjoy painting and crafting; these are my favorites to calm me. Antiquing is also my […]

Spring Denim Wear & Style For Home

Tohni Jean shows ho to wear & interior style denim for spring

I’ve always loved the simplicity of denim (especially vintage denim blues). It’s a very basic staple but ties in any look into a high-end, timeless, or easy-going vibe. To include the denim style in your home, there are no rules for mixing blues. The same rule applies to wearing denim. Style is personal taste. Wait, […]


The KIP BAY DECORATORS Show House Palm Beach was magical, a feast for the eyes. Sherwin-Williams, one of the sponsors, and I was a special guest, along with a few other designers who joined us for the private reception. It was entertaining from the moment we arrived. This stunning property boasts a spacious 8,589 square […]

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