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Bills Bills Bills… Advice on moving in together

  • Being in a relationship is one of the most joyous journey or is it? Haha lol.

Being in a long-term relationship or short- term cloud nine vibes moving living under one roof can feel like the right choice or does it yikes!  Bills Bills Bills… Advice on moving in together.

Before jumping the hurdle into living together. I suggest that you take this quiz to ask yourself if you are on the right path financially as a pair.

Once little pleasantries of living alone such as getting weekly shipping packages can be a trigger living together. Get to know your partners household and spending compatibility with your own in advance. The more you find out the better.

It’s not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.

Take the financial compatibility quiz. This is a fun short quiz and see what you will learn about yourself.

Compatibility Quiz

Moving in together or should you? Answer these questions to find out if your compatibility under one roof. Bills, lifestyle and etc.

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