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TohniStyle Fashion Trends what’s out for 2017?

What Fashion Trends are out for 2017?
It’s that time again! TohniStyle end of year fashion trend report on what’s out & what’s in for 2017. There were quite a furry of trends in 2016 that was hits & misses.
I found this year for styles lacked originality for the most part. I do plan to contribute and post more of my outfit of day.

As a InStyle Trendsetter Contributer & Style Influencer I observed this year fashion trends and here are my top 10 trends don’t for 2017.

Do carry the 1990’s chokers trend into 2017 and read a list of don’ts.

⚰️Big Fake Butt Injections







⚰️Bodycon dress







⚰️Tye Die Distressed Shirt

⚰️Lace Bralette Top

⚰️Bad lacefront wigs







⚰️Heavy Contour Makeup (air hug zone)

⚰️Stretchy tight poor quality made in China clothing

⚰️Thick eyelashes poor glue installation

⚰️Heavy handed eyebrows






⚰️Too much IPhone entertainment in social settings

⚰️Cage Dresses







⚰️Clear Pvc Boots









Editor: Tohni Jean
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