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5 Ways To Make Money In Haiti

Special thanks to the Haitian American Chamber Of Commerce for inviting TohniStyle to attend a very important by invite only “Doing Business in Haiti” workshop. It was an honor to meet Broward Commissioner Dale Holmes, Council General Of Haiti, Gandy Thomas and Former Prime Minister, Gerard Latortue of Haiti from March 12, 2004 to June 9, 2006. Also many other important people were in attendance. Dale Holmes opened the workshop by welcoming everyone in the room. And making key points why Floridians should do business with Haiti.

Left Broward County Commissioner Dale Holmes, Consulate Of Haiti Gandy Thomas, HAMCC President Jean-Pierre Turgot, President Panexus Haiti, Gilbert Hippolyte

Left Broward County Commissioner Dale Holmes, Consulate Of Haiti Gandy Thomas, HAAMCC President Jean-Pierre Turgot, President Panexus Haiti, Gilbert Hippolyte




Left Gandy Thomas Consulate of Haiti, Tohni Jean-Bellis, TohniStyle, President Haitian American Chamber Of Commerce, Jean-Pierre Turgot, Far Right Gilbert Hippolyx

Left Gandy Thomas Consulate of Haiti,  Tohni Jean-Bellis Ceo TohniStyle,  Jean Pierre Turgot President  Haitian American Chamber Of Commerce,  Vice President of Panexus Haiti Far Right Gilbert Hippolyte

Haiti is a important trading market for South Florida. It’s the port that connects to many flights as many come through Fort-Lauderdale & Miami airport to fly. In order for Haiti to have growth new investors must be welcomed.
Haiti is beautiful and rich in resources; The land of my parents and home of my family tree. I come from an educated family of entrepreneurs. With so many opportunities to make money; natives of the island are losing many opportunities to make money. Because of foreign importers, Japanese, Chinese are simply coming in and buying natural resources from Haiti and reselling the same products such as fish, concrete material, agriculture back to the people of Haiti. Although they’re other reasons to why the island is not flourishing. The panel was hopeful to seek new vendors to invest in Haiti.

Haitians are mostly sellers. With a illiteracy rate of 61% ages 15-29 yrs old. Former Prime Minister, Gerard Latortue spoke as he just had knee surgery. He stood proudly for thirty-five minutes at the podium. His speech was incredible, about doing business in Haiti. How it can be a great investment in so many ways for anyone that like to invest. He received a standing ovation for his delivery.

Former Prime Minister Gerard Latortue

Former Prime Minister Gerard Latortue


Latortue, also spoke about another big crisis that I am familiar with. It is effecting local tailors, shoe makers and boutique owners, which are important services he used frequently in Haiti. As many master tailors and dress makers have lost business to “PaPe” its a creole word for used clothing and shoe vendors. Often times, these unwanted used goods are imported from the U.S.. Haitians sending American consumers unwanted mass-produced clothing and shoes to Haiti to resell. Purchased from swap shops, thrift shops, and garage sales looking to flip the used clothing for profit. Sadly,  the unsold items are adding as debris and filling the streets with garbage pollution. Putting local tailors and shoe makers out of business. The former prime minister  said pape has to stop!

Doing Business In Haiti Workshop

Here are 5 ways to make money in Haiti

  1. 1. Tourism, Building Hotels outside of Port Au Prince
    2. Textile, Open factories they are so many skilled seamstress & tailors
    3. CPA Services
    4. Building Material
    5. Labeling & Packaging Services, Bar coding so people of the Haiti can begin to sell products with professional labeled goods to other countries. The opportunities are endless, invest in Haiti.

“Haiti, we can not be a nation of sellers we have to be nation of producers for the future possibilities of exporting.”- Former Prime Minister, Gerard Latortue

Want to do business in Haiti? Need More Information Contact the Haitian Chamber Of Commerce 1-866-564-4378 or email to  To become a member join haamcc go to

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