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5 Steps How Fashion Stylist,Tohni Jean Overcame Grief

Hi Everyone,

It feels great to be able to have my fingers touch my keyboard again. I took time off from blogging. As a lot you know, seven months ago I lost my beloved father and it has been a devasting and challenging time for me. I was unable to focus on anything. The reality of losing both parents and having no grandparents for my children saddened me even more.

My husband and the support from friends and family, encouraged me to take time to grieve. At times it was very difficult with two young children who need my attention, interrupting my grieving process.

Tohni Jean Family Picture

A friend of mine lost her husband of 56 years a month before my father. She suggested that I join her for grief counseling. I was a bit reluctant at first, but went the following week. It was one of the best things I did for my family and myself. After several weeks of counseling, I am back to being my creative and loving self. I have a brighter outlook. I’m living a happy life as my dad would have wanted. He will always be my hero!  I am so grateful for my husband, children, family, friends and followers. Thank you for your unconditional love and support! #YourGirlIsBack!


5 Steps To Overcome Grief and Loss If you or know someone who is dealing with grief or loss.

Overcoming Grief

  • Understand & Accept that your emotions are a natural part of the grieving process.
  • Remove the thoughts of what if’s or I could of done more from your thinking.
  • Take as much time as you need to grieve; its a personal journey.
  • Take care of yourself physically, go for a walk, eat well and find laughter.
  • Find a support group for grieving or supportive friends and family.

Grieving can be very lonely and may cause depression. Contact these free organizations for assistance.

Someone I Love Died –– I’m Grieving and Need Comfort and Support. Get Free Help Today.

Dealing with Grief –‎–  Find a Support Group  griefHaven Forum

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