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Yeah! Its Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I am so proud to say its our 1 year wedding anniversary. A year ago March 22, 2014 my beloved father and best friend gave me away to my king, Richard Bellis and my father funeral was a day before, March 21, 2015 of our first wedding anniversary. I know God planned it this way and I have no regrets. My father was so proud to have Richard as a son-in-law and proudly gave his youngest of three daughters away. I must say he did good!

We danced, laughed and celebrated at our wedding. Our wedding was one of the greatest memories that I had to share with my father, husband, family and friends.

TLC hit Tv show “I Found The Gown” was also filming the wedding for a their season finale. My dad was so happy to see himself on national Tv. I was so honored to have had my father give me away to such a smart, handsome, and loving father.

Richard and I was planning our first anniversary trip with my dad and the kids to Turks and Caicos, but life happened and we lost our father and the trip was cancelled.

IMG_3566 IMG_3305

We will forever live and laugh as my beloved father would have wanted. I am truly happy that I found a husband as great as my father was; who cares for his wife, children Josh & Paxton Bellis.

TLC Show

Our Home Wedding

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Thank you all for your support, love and dedication for our union as man and wife. Richard and Tohni Jean Bellis.

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