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The Dress Code: Should He Help You Pick Out Your Wedding Dress?

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The big day is coming and there is no denying that you will need a dress. It is a special day for you and your groom. In most cases, the groom pays for the dress, but should he get to see what he is paying for before you tie the knot?

Although to some women having the groom see the dress before the wedding signifies a doomed marriage, I believe it really depends on how the bride feels. Some women like to have a little mystery on their wedding day, while others do not. Personally, my guy and I share everything and we like to make decisions together so it was no surprise when I showed him a selection of dresses and asked which one he liked best.

Once we discussed the style of dress that would look the most flattering on my body type, I was able to narrow down my search. I read reviews and once I finalized my decision I shared with him the image of the dress I had chosen. He loved the dress and complimented me with how amazing I would look in it. It was reassuring to hear we both agreed on one dress and that I felt comfortable when I tried it on. Eventhough I did show him the dress I have not tried it on in front of him. I want him to see me on our wedding day, dressed from head to toe, looking fabulous as his future wife.

What are your thoughts on deciding on a wedding dress with your groom? Have you done it? Why or why not?

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