Still Trending in 2015 the 90s Plaid Look. See Easy Ways To Wear It!

Trend watch for 2015 is all about the 90s. How will you or will you embrace the nineties trend?
Grunge will always be associated with its affect on 90s fashion. Likewise, men and women alike rocked heavy combat-style boots with their ripped jeans–or tights–and baggy flannel shirts. To wear the vintage trend go with only 2 pieces and opt for solid colors top for your tshirts. This will help your flannel shirt standout.

Wear a flannel shirt around your waist

Remember trends are just what they are.

Try not to invest a lot of money in them.

Forever21 great to shop for trend low prices

and current. See link for similar style boots

Celebrities love the 90’s trend

Men do the flannel trend

Fashion 90’s trend don’t



Marc Jacobs 90’s Inspired Spring 2015 Collection

This a big no. These shoes never looked good on anyone or anything lol.

Tohni’s Tip:

Please wear this trend responsibly and remember fashion always repeat itself. So go support your neighborhood thrift shop or vintage boutique to get some authentic 90’s items for less.







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