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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2, the reading room was open and I am not talking about in a library. These women are reading each other with a sharp tongue. I thought they all looked great. However, I did think Kandi’s dress was one size to small. With nineteen hour taping for the reunion show; her fashion stylist should have thought of another outfit for boobs. Her breast looked so uncomfortable. But Kandi’s makeup was the best of the ladies.


I can say these women are very sharp and well spoken. Even Porsha was well versed. “Tohni, is that shade?” No, I just watched the last few seasons and watched Porsha with my head tilted to the side, like huh really did she just said that.


Here are some of the shadiest comments from the reunion

Cynthia vs. Phaedra> High cheek bones over here, win a case

Cynthia vs. Phaedra> Coming from a head doctor

Phaedra vs. Cynthia> Cynthia models in a plus size magazine my mother shops from.

Kandi vs. Phaedra> You ain’t got worry about me no more

Nene vs. Kenya> Hold up! You aint gone sit up here and disrespect me an my husband.

Kenya vs Nene> I just did!

Kenya vs. Phaedra> You talk about me not have a husband and you don’t have one now. For once in your life tell the truth!

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Sneak peek of the Reunion Part 3 next Sunday


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