Q&A with a Pro Make-up Artist JKissa

Jkissa is a professional make-up artist who cam from a small town in Oregon with big city dreams. Up until her late teenage years Jkissa was often picked on for her baby doll eyes and forehead. From constant name calling and harassment Jkissa struggled with depression over her appearance. Amongst her peers she always felt like the Ugly Duckling.
At the age of 15, Jkissa stumbled into a makeup store and her life changed forever when a makeup artist welcomed her with open arms, and gave Jkissa her first professional makeup application. After that experience, Jkissa made it her mission to help other girls find their beauty through makeup. Jkissa uploads new videos to her JkissaMakeup Channel on YouTube from her Hollywood studio twice a week. Also, you can view some photos of her work at
1. How long have you been doing make-up?
“I have been doing makeup professionally for about 3 years now. “
2. What made you decide to become a make-up artist?
“Long story! Haha. Throughout my younger years, I was severely bullied. I was bullied physically, mentally and emotionally. Everyday of my school career, I would be escorted to classes for my safety and getting food thrown at me was normal. It didn’t stop when I got home though, cyber bullying was just becoming a thing and I fell in the web of that. I never felt beautiful on the inside or out. One day my mom took me to get my makeup done, and when the makeup artist handed me the mirror and I looked into it, I felt beautiful for the first time. It was then that I realized that I want to help someone else feel that way.”
3. What is your favorite feature of the face that is the funnest to enhance?
” I love to play up eyes! When I am working on clients, it is always fun to show them how brighter their eyes can look by using certain colors.”
4. How have you been able to build up clientele?
” I’ve built up clientele just be networking, and a lot of it comes from previous jobs. Word of mouth is a huge thing in this industry, and you never know who is who, so always being polite and hard working will get you far.”
5. Is there any advice that you could give to aspiring make-up artists?
” My main advice is: You get out of this career, what you put into it. That’s the beauty of being in this industry, the harder you work the greater the outcome. Just keep working hard, making those connections and you will notice how busy your schedule will get. “

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