Perfect 4yr Old B-Day Party For Paxton

Paxton's Bellis 4th Birthday

On Sunday Nov 06, we celebrated our youngest son Paxton’s 4th birthday party with our family and friends. His official birthday is today on Wednesday Nov 09, we had his party  in school for his classmate.


Paxton's Bellis 4th Birthday

As you know, I love a big over the top party! But when it comes to kids birthday parties, I’m a little of a introvert. So if your anything like me Chucky Cheese, Boomers and big places with a bunch of kids will not do.

We found this amazing modern children’s park on the beach, with a gorgeous pier walk and a breathtaking view. It was perfect for Paxton’s 4th birthday party. With the help of his Aunt Barbara, we set up the party in no time. The weather was amazing! We catered the food from Publix special ordered, so yummy!


The highlights from the party were the kids on the beach, playing in the park and the piñata. DSC06113








I created an art area for the kids to doodle on the manufactured grass. This is a great idea for a kid’s party.

DSC06169 DSC06172 DSC06033






We had so much fun; so grateful for the gifts and everyone who came.

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