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My New Teeth Whitening Get A Winning Smile (That Works)

Smile Brilliant

I always had naturally white teeth, since becoming a Realtor I started drinking coffee. It’s what Real Estate Agents do throughout the day. (It gives us wings) As a Lifestyle Blogger and Realtor my smile is very important.
My smile gives me confidence! With a brighter and whiter smile helps in business and lifestyle. Its an instant self esteem booster. After using Smile Brilliant I couldn’t believe how beautiful my teeth were.

Don’t let discolored teeth stop you from living the life you want!


Smile not so bright





I see so many whitening products on the market and I’ve tried a few but the results was short-lived. Then my teeth and gums were left sensitive. Smile Brilliant professional custom trays are from your molded teeth. It saved me so much time and money. Receiving my kit at home and not having to drive to get my teeth whitening was a bonus.


Application Bright Smile

With Smile Brilliant I love the results and the easy application to apply. The steps are so simply and the trays are very sturdy. Its like going to the dentist for a professional whitening but you’re at home. A great smile can help you in so many ways and most of all confidence.

Deciding if its best for you? Here are some Facts about whitening.

Teeth whiteners like Smile Brilliant helps remove stains to restore a natural whiter smile. Getting you closer to your natural color. With food and beverages can cause your teeth to have yellow and gray tones. Which may have not been your natural color.


 Whitening Strips are different than trays. Strips method are short term results than tray and gels. The bleaching method actually strips off your enamel to get the job done. Making your teeth sensitive over time. 

OH BOY OUCH! Smile Brilliant on the other had uses a safer and realistic stain removal. Only method that’s more effective to whiten teeth. I can eat and drink hot and cold food/beverages without irritation.


Studies are now showing that lab direct whitening done at home is similar. If not more effective than other dentist office whitening services. Which can cost an upwards of $500-$1000. Smile Brilliant is also more cost efficient as well.

before and after smile










SHOP NOW! Post Sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All teeth whitening opinions are all my own.

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