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Josh & I went to see the movie Home

We are on our way to go see the highly anticipated movie, Home. Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez are the main featured voice cast. Home was the number 1 movie in the box office, grossing $59 million.

As we are heading out, Josh said to me Mom you are my first date. I almost cried and said thank you son.


Josh And Tohni On Our Way To See The Movie Home. Photo Bomb by sweet son, Paxton Bellis.


At AMC Theaters

Tohni’s Review: Don’t worry I won’t spoil it] Sweet movie it teaches about never giving up on your family. Didn’t like that Rihanna Character Tip, was a bit aggressive kicking the Boov name Oh several times. But overall a cute movie. Her mother Lucy voice cast by Jlo was fantastic. I love that they never stop looking for each other after Lucy was taken by the Boov. Excellent soundtrack, music by Rihanna, Jlo, Ariana Grande and more.

Josh’s Review: He thought Home was fantastic! Josh didn’t like the kicking done to Oh. And he learned a lesson through Gorg, it’s not how small you are. Show that your confidence by appearing stronger no matter what size you are. Gorg revealed himself at the end of the movie and he was a small starfish in a intimidating outfit. Photo below of Gorg.

I encourage you to go support the movie Home. It has a great diverse cast and its family fun! Share your reviews on the movie with us.

Watch the Home Trailer

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