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My Bucket List & How To Fufill Your Bucket List.


There are so many things we would like to do. However, when becoming wife and mother, It leaves you pushing your dreams way to the back burner and onto a bucket list of things you wish to do. Nevertheless, it is essential to realize that it’s OK for you to live out your dreams even with all the titles of mother, wife, father and parent that we have. It’s not easy but taking time to plan is possible.


One of my goals on my bucket list was to record a song that I wanted to do for my birthday coming up on January 25th. I started recording my song glamorous by Fergie. It’s one of my favorite song and the lyrics are meaningful to me. I booked my session a month in advance with Samiya at MB Studio in North Miami. Such a nice studio & team.


Let me tell you it was so much fun to have recorded my song and check mark one off on my bucket list goals. I can’t even describe the feeling accept  exhilarating!  So when we are done with my soundtrack oh yesss Hunty! I will have it loud and clear so everyone we all can see and hear it. I did a poll last week what should my artist name be TBABY or TATA and 98% voted TBABY 👏🏾.

I’m also thinking about doing a video to go along with it lol! Living your best Life is everything.  I even had my husband to get in on the action, he loved it! This place is also a great daydate or datenite experience aswell.

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If you have a dream on your bucket list just go for it start by planning for it. Anything you want to do you can do it! What is on your bucket list? Share your comments below.

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