See Why Your Cellphone Is The Worst Enemy

In a social media obsessed world. A cellphone is constantly in our hands, barely outside of our possession. Most people have a passcode security to ensure its safety to forsaken all others entry.

The relationship with the cellphone has replaced real relationships for virtual online images as friends that lives in the minds of most people. Bonding by clicks of Likes❤️, Emojis & LOL.

This virtual reality has created a disconnection  between friends, family and couples. We all are guilty of it to some degree including myself.

However, I have made changes in my life with my cellphone time and habits to ensure it does not affect my lifestyle with my family and friends.










Here are several reasons to reexamine your cellphone attachment.

  • Dinner time put the phone away! Especially if you are on a datenite. Trust me the Facebook and Instagram Feeds will still be there after dinner; It can wait!
  • If you are a person who lives on the phone for business. At bedtime completely turn off the phone and morning will be here before you know it. Get a great night sleep!
  • Married or Dating try to limit the time in the bedroom on yourself phone. You have most part of the day for your phone. Make the bedroom about your love and not the interruption of the glare from your cellphones.
  • When conducting business at the bank, grocery store, checking out, doctors office be courteous to the person assisting you by engaging in a conversation without the Bluetooth or cellphone in full conversation.  Just hang up the damn phone lol!
  • It seems to be the coolest trend in style now. (Epidemic) Friends out at a social setting and everyone head is buried in their phones with very little interaction with eachother and if there is any interaction it is likely to take a picture. (Yasss I said it who gone check me Boo👀!)
  • If you have teenagers hmmm, well good luck! Just say what you mean and mean what you say! They are the most marketed group for cellphone addiction. Also stay in their DM parents.

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