About TohniStyle

_DSC0290Tohni Jean // Creative Director & Stylist
of TohniStyle – A fashion & beauty brand.
After graduating with a Degree in Fashion design, Tohni Jean embarked upon starting her own vintage collection in 2003. She also shared her knowledge of the fashion industry as a TV commentator covering local fashion events. The amalgamation of her hobby as a fashion collector and passion for TV was later transformed into TohiniStvleTV her glamorous online only boutique launched in 2008. TohiniStyleTV’s collection comprise of vintage inspired garments with a modern appeal. The boutique is known for its “celebrity worthy style”.

The boutique’s inventory is hand picked by Tohni.  Her incredible sense of fashion coupled with her attention to detail allows her to select exquisite collector gems. Tohni’s networking combined with her industry knowledge provides her access to the best estate sales and private clients nationwide. This exposure offers her the opportunity to provide you with unique designer vintage pieces from top names such as Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, St. John and more.

Tohni isn’t a newbie when it comes to fashion – her father’s creations inspired her childhood imagination. She recalls fond memories of her father’s extraordinarily transformed customers, smiling at the mirrored reflections of their freshly tailored trendy garments. The improved esteem and confident poise displayed by these customers inspired Tohni to similarly aspire to joyously touch people’s lives via fashion. All these years Tohni was privately developing an exquisite admiration and understanding of exotic vintage styles. You are the fortunate beneficiary of her keen sense of fashion and established industry connections.