7 Tips How To Stay Sexy After Marriage

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He put a ring on it and the wedding is done, now I can eat whatever I want, lounge in the old college t-shirt, no makeup and chill. If this is your thoughts on happily ever after; well your marriage maybe heading in the wrong direction.

7 Tips How To Stay Sexy In A Marriage

Staying sexy after marriage can be challenging. Especially if they are children in the marriage. However, I have mastered the keep your sexy for him and yourself. This is very important for your relationship.

Here are seven tips to stay sexy in your marriage.

  1. Invest in several sexy bras and robes

Bras and robes give you an instant sexy appeal. Opt for lace bright no wire bra for comfort. Robes are fantastic its like wearing a dress. It covers all the right places and the robe belt is the best, it gives you a nice waist line no matter your size. Wear a nice bra under the robe. The look is perfect for breakfast, and laying in bed.

2.  Toss the sweat pants and college t-shirt

I get it, comfort is the main goal at home. Create a drawer for lounge clothing. Fill this drawer with inexpensive maxi dresses, leggings, camisoles, sexy t-shirts and rompers to wear at home.

3. The power is in the six senses

Give your partner the scent of passion by switching up a different fragrance at least twice a week. Often time women barely use the perfumes and body spray giving during holidays & special occasions.  Use it as a celebration of your love, make sure you hug each other passionately and long so the scent is on him the whole day. (I call it holy water lol)

4. Not feeling like putting on makeup

Makeup is like a chore for alot of women especially with all the steps of contouring. The new way to makeup perfection. Do away with all of that when you are home. Apply a little moisturizer, foundation and powder dou, color lipstain or chapstick and eyeliner.

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5. Datenite

Datenite is essential for a healthy marriage. This is a wonderful time for bonding and loving on each other. Give your partner the red carpet treatment by looking great from head to toe and keep the same expectations for him.

6. Health & Gym

Maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Make it a must for you and your partner to workout or do a sport activity that will help promote physical attraction for your bodies.

7. Children & Home

Keep the children out of your bed. This is an intimate part of the house reserve for parents.

Create an area in the home just for the both of you.

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