” Kameelah Takes A Stand”!!

We all know her as the Lead Singer from R&B Trio group 702, but not too many know her as Kameelah Williams “The Mother”. 702 was a hot selling platinum trio in the late 90’s, known for their smash hits “where my Girls At”, and “No Doubt”. The multi talented girl group sold over 1,000,000 copies in the United States. Making at that time (702) the hottest Girl group around. After the Group, Kameelah went on to become an Solo Artist, Songwriter, and appearing on TV One’s hit Screenshot_20170616-031513IMG_20170616_043739 IMG_20170616_043818show R&B Divas Atlanta. I caught up with Kameelah at a couple events in Atlanta and one could say she is truly inspiring. Just call Kameelah the Renaissance Mom she always has her hands in new adventures. Kameelah is either hosting a Event or posing for a photo shoot. Her and Singer Musiq Soul child share a son together named Zac Johnson who has Autism. Kameelah is busy being an Advocate for son. A month back I attended a Women’s Empowerment Event where Ms. Kameelah Williams was honored. She gave a compelling speech that spoke of the high demands of raising a child with Autism. Me also being a Parent of a child with Autism I can relate to having it all and still being a great Mom! We thank and honor  the Beautiful Kameelah Williams for being brave enough to take  stand and shed the light on Autism.



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