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5 Tips What not wear visiting your friend martial home.

5 tips visting your friend martial home

In yester years visiting a friend who was married at their home was apart of entertaining. Women dressed the part with beautiful clothing and style that was decent and appropriate. (Covering the proper areas)

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Today, in our modern times fashion has been pushed to the point of what is not appropriate to wear visiting a friend home that’s married. Seems quite the norm, especially on some of the housewives reality shows.
Nowadays sexiness or night life fashion is worn in a daytime setting. As its seen more women are adapting these social media go to looks.

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Even if you have been friends forever, it’s the wife responsibility to tell her friend that she is uncomfortable with her outfit, especially when your husband is home or coming home soon. And if your friend wants to get in her feelings, oh well then!

Only time a friend should come to your home dressed very sexy is to pick you up for a girls night out or if your entertaining at home. (There is always that one friend she needs to wait for you in the car lol) Too much sauce…

5 Tips on what not wear visiting your friend martial home.

  • Bodycon Dress
  • Low cleavage top
  • Very short shorts
  • Braless sheer tops (no matter how hot the weather is)
  • Bath & Body works fragrance or strong perfumes (lingering scents is a no no)


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