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5 Do's To Attract A Successful Man

Hi Everyone,
Its Monday already, Richard and I took the kids to the Pelican Grand Beach Resort for Brunch. The hotel is so beautiful.

We enjoyed the beach patio and watched all the yachts, sailboats and cruises sail by. As we were taking in the view, my husband decided to take the kids for a walk around the hotel. While I am sitting quietly, my attention was force to overhear a group of four women discussing landing a successful man. And I must say my invisible bag of popcorn magically appeared and I was all ears on their conversation. Now, mean while listen to this interesting conversation I discretely turned to see what they looked liked and they were attractive women.

So, one of the women said I want a doctor, then another one goes, I want a Lawyer and so one and so one.  And they were convince because of their good looks this was all was needed to land a successful man. These women were not the best as far as appearance goes. Due to a few poor postures and way of speaking. (this defines public presence.)  I don’t think it will happen as far sealing the deal with a successful man. After, listening to all the demands that they wanted from a successful man because of their looks. And I’m thinking to myself, you may get him with your looks but you are not going to keep him. There is a lot that goes into securing a relationship with a man with means of success. (DOLLS, LOOKS ALONE WILL NOT KEEP HIM.)

Women serving men







My husband Richard is a successful Criminal Lawyer, and  I’ve had the opportunity to be among groups of people with more Degrees than a thermometer. And let me tell you for a long-term relationship, there is a lot that goes into securing a relationship with an accomplished man.

With every experience life brings me I like to interpret it through my gift of sharing my knowledge through fashion and lifestyle. Just keep in mind as you look for your successful man, that finding love is the ultimate success and everything else is a plus.

Here are my 5 Do’s To Attract A Successful Man
Success noun sək-ˈses: the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.

A smile and nice teeth is a must, Note: Great teeth has always been a successful key asset.

Less Is More- A minimalist style, always let your handbag, shoes and accessories stand out more than your outfit.

Self Betterment is important, if you don’t have a degree, Get training or certificate in a field. Education is very important, the quality of verbal and written communication aswell.

A healthy appearance and lifestyle. You don’t have to be stick thin but fit and healthy helps. The way a woman carries herself when she walks and great posture exudes confidence.

Hair and nails less is more. When it comes to this area of grooming simplicity always wins.

*Remember most successful men wants to show that he picked the best out of the dating pool.

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