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3 LifeStyle Tips For Bff Bonding Time

TohniStyle BFF Date with Tc Peter

Boutique Owner & Socialite, Tc Peter

In our busy day to day lives finding time to see my most dear Best-friend, sister from another mother Tc Peter can be a long stretch for time.

Although we talk on the phone everyday it’s not the same as seeing each other. But when you are true friends you always can pick up where you left off and respect eachother lives.

Tc being a wife, Socialite, and boutique owner leaves very little time for face to face bonding. With my busy life and when she is not jet setting we always make sure to make time.

We cherish our time together! One of my advice to you is to be protective of your bonding time and enjoy every moment. It is important to have loyalty, trust and love.

Lastnight, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Sea Grill restaurant and after that we enjoyed several other locations.

Here are 3 tips on how to bond with your BFF:

  1. Communicate inadvance on when and where you both would like to go. (If it’s a restaurant make reservations prior)
  2. Be sure to dress your best as its a celebration of your bond.
  3. If you have had years of friendship be sure not to have additional company. This will give you the privacy to share conversations and fun memories to add to the years. (And if you want to bring a friend along make sure to ask your Bestie if she approves of the extra company.


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